• The Apex guitar case provides the ultimate storage for standard sized solid body electric guitars, offering the protection of a hard case with the portability of a soft case. Reinforced rigid front and back panels protect your guitar from any bumps or knocks whilst padded back support and shoulder straps ensure it is comfortable and convenient to carry to any practice or gig. Pair this with massive external storage pockets and a deluxe fur lining usually only found in hard cases, and you have the perfect combination of features.

    £149.00 incl. VAT
  • The perfect companion for any bassist, the Bravo fits 95% of solid body electric bass guitars. All sizes are accommodated from the popular Precision or Jazz to Gibson body styles. It retains all the features of the Apex case whilst offering much more room for longer scale lengths.

    £152.00 incl. VAT
  • The first “soft” archtop guitar case for full sized archtops to offer the level of protection these delicate instruments require. The Chicago will fit any archtop guitar – acoustic or electric – with a body depth of up to 4” and a lower bout width of up to 18”. Rigid panels surround the front and sides of the case and adjustable interior pads make it possible to carry guitars with Bigsby style tremolos.

    £165.00 incl. VAT
  • A case that is in keeping with the acoustic guitarist’s lifestyle, the Traveller offers reinforced side panels as well as front and back support. This is a “soft” case that will actually protect an acoustic guitar. All Dreadnought and Jumbo sizes are covered. There are even removable inserts that make it possible to house smaller bodied Orchestra Model/Grand Auditorium sized acoustic guitars.

    £159.00 incl. VAT
  • A version of the Traveller case that has been tailor made for medium sized acoustic guitars and 4/4 sized Classical guitars. All protective features of the regular Traveller case are included, but the Traveller OM is specifically made for 4/4 Classical, Orchestra and Grand Auditorium body sizes.

    £155.00 incl. VAT